I’ve really been enjoying hooking and listening to some of my favourite DVDs.  Today I popped in Gene Shepherd’s “Rug Hooking – Learn at Home series – vol. 1 and 2“.  I love the short segments with little reminders on technique.

The DVDs, in case you’re wondering, cover the gamut from beginning to hook, to fine shading.  Short 5 to 10 minute segments cover the basics in volume 1, such as how to hook and hooking different shapes.  Volume 2 covers fine shading, using dip dyed fabric, and scrap fabric to hook a rose.  Some of the material can be found on YouTube.  But to get the true value of these DVDs, I suggest buying them and watching them several times.  There is a lot of information there.  Something new pokes out at me every time I watch.

Thanks Gene Shepherd!

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