So today, while I was hooking, I watched Deanne Fitzpatrick’s “Hooking Rugs”.  I love listening to Deanne.  There is something about her voice that is so soothing and reassuring.  Maybe it’s that Nova Scotian (?) accent.  Whatever it is, it is a delight to watch her on DVD or on YouTube, where she has quite a few short videos.

“Hooking Rugs” covers how to hook rug from the very basics, using Deanne’s characteristic style and materials.  I loved this style of rug hooking from the moment I first saw it.  But did not have a clue how to achieve it until I visited her shop in Amherst, NS, and saw her rugs close up.  After that the floodgates opened.  BUT, I was short on supplies.  It’s taken me a few years to figure out suppliers and such, but I am now in a position where I gladly hook using similar materials and technique.  Hopefully I will develop my own style as time goes by.

I really hope Deanne does more DVDs in the future.  She is very photographic and genuine in all her videos and DVDs.

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