Made more changes and did more hooking.  Still not satisfied.  This is a weird rug.  It looks a lot better from ten feet away than close up.  I think it’s the #6 cut shading.

I’ve hooked in most of the ‘Ocean’ yarn, but may do some pulling out and hooking in different types of fibre.  It is almost looking like too much of the same thing on the right hand side.

I’m also not sure about the dark gold line on the back of the bear in the foreground.  Without something there the back of the bear disappears into the water, and that isn’t good either.  So there needs to be something there.  Maybe a mid-value tan like under the arm.  Hmm…

Other than hooking the bear today, I also tried to update my rug hooking portfolio.  Alas!  I am waiting on some plastic sleeves to put the photos in the three ring binder.

I am already thinking about the next series of rugs I want to work on for Deanne Fitzpatrick’s Wild With Style course.  Deanne opened the site today for general comments and uploading photos of work in progress (WIP).  After a few hiccups I was up and running.  I’m going to work on a series of rugs centering on my daughters’ childhood poetry.

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