There is a lot of debate on the proper way to finish a hooked rug.  My preferred method for an art rug meant to hang on the wall is to serge edges, mitre corners and turn back 1″ all the way around, and then make a lining from coordinating 100% cotton fabric.  I mitre the lining corners and fold over the edges as well.  Then I sew a label to the lining, and finally, sew the rug and the lining together.

Today I blocked the polar bear rugs, serged the edges, mitred their corners, and folded the edges in, steaming with the iron.

I made the linings from some hand dyed cotton I’ve had around for years.  I’m all ready to pin the linings to the backings and sew.  But I don’t have coordinating thread.  Ah well…when the streets are plowed.  We have a foot of new snow on the ground right now.

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