I was pretty upset today to not be able to attend a live Remembrance Day service. My grandfather served with the Canadian military in World War II. Alas, we are snowed in. The snow has stopped, but it left a pile more than a foot high everywhere. While hubby did his best and shoveled out the car, he just did not have it in him to shovel the alley so I could go to a service. And neither did I. So we watched the live stream online from Ottawa’s service on Parliament Hill. This is the first cenotaph Remembrance Day service I have ever missed. I just have such deep gratitude for the men and women who went to fight for Canada and gave up their tomorrows for my todays.

Today I am busy pricing rugs for sale for next weekend’s craft show. We’ll see what it brings. This is my first year trying to sell my rugs. I am partnering with a friend to feel out the market. She is selling sewing. We’ve been picking sales based on what we hear from friends. Unfortunately they are more knowledgeable about the craft sales and less so about the art sales. What I find selling are the 6″ square rugs at $25 each. Next year I will be attending more art type sales, and less craft/bazaar type events.

Did anyone notice anything missing from my big polar bear rug? Yep. I forgot to put on a hanging sleeve! So today I sewed one up and will rectify the situation this evening.

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