I’m really excited.  I don’t care if I sell any rugs or not.  I love the atmosphere of craft sales!  Tomorrow is my last craft sale of the year.  I am entering with a friend of mine.  She sells sewing, I sell rugs.  We have a blast.

Tonight we’re heading over to the church to check out the situation and orient ourselves to what needs doing tomorrow.    I’m hoping we have a space with the wall behind us, so I can bring in my display stands to hang rugs on.  But we’ll see.  No great shame if we don’t have it.

This being our last sale of the year I really don’t care if I sell anything.  It would be nice.  But what doesn’t sell can be used next year.  I could use a bit of building up of inventory.  And I’m planning to be in different sales next year.  More art oriented sales.

One of the issues we’ve had this year is determining which sales are suitable for what product.  While my friend’s sewing can go into any number of sales, only certain sales draw the art crowd for my rugs.  So we’ll see what tomorrow brings.  Either way, sale or no sale, I plan on having a fun time!  Hope I can take my rug hooking and demonstrate too. 🙂



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