Not bad.  Slowly working on it.  Definitely looking wind tossed!

I love it when I see really organized rug hookers with different shades of strips lined up neatly in special carrying cases.  But you know, I never could do it.  I tried and tried for years.  Inevitably everything would just end up in a jumble in the case.

So finally I decided, “Why bother?”, and I chose a simple method for me.  I pick a huge L.L. Bean tote I was given and just dump all the related fibre for my current project in there and go fishing.  It’s like Christmas every time I dive in the bag!  Never know what I might come up with, and it’s kind of fun to rummage around for just the right colour.  🙂  Wanna see my hooking bag?

Jean’s Hooking Bag

This is all the fibre for my current rug, “Wind”. 🙂

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