Well I’m in a quandary.  I’ve been asked several times over the last two years to enter juried shows or join a Craft Council.  I’ve been torn for a number of reasons. The main one being that I would have to do all original work with the aim of selling it.  I actually do my work to display as art, so I guess it’s for selling.  But a lot of it is for myself and my family.

Take for example this series on the children’s poetry I’m currently hooking.  That is definitely family keepsake stuff.  But I honestly don’t know if my children will want the rugs or not.  I will have to ask them.  And what good are the rugs without the poetry?  They are meaningless.  I can’t sell the poems with the rugs.  Or can I?  What happens to copyright on them?  I don’t want to strip my own children of their copyright!  So what to do?

However, I do have a few other rugs I can hook and sell for a price.  And I have a lot of ideas to hook up before the jury season is upon me for next year.  So…with that in mind I did a few things today.

  1. I went through my existing rugs and pulled out the best original designs for jurying,
  2. I went through field identification guides and my photos looking for flowers to hook into rugs,
  3. I started sketching thumbnail sketches of rugs.

Here are the rugs I narrowed it down for possible jurying:

What do you think?  I know I’ll hook some more.  And they only need 10 – 14 for the shows I’m looking at entering.  I’ve asked about taking my portfolio, and haven’t received a reply.  I think they want to see the real rugs.  Cannot blame them.  I would too!  But my best rugs keep selling.  Ah well, we’ll see.  I have four months to prepare for this.

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