Julia Cameron, in her book “The Artist’s Way”, advocates taking oneself on an artist date every week to stimulate and inspire oneself creatively.  My artist dates over the years have taken many forms.  Today it took the form of a trip to a local thrift store with a friend.  I love going to see what they have.

I saw some silk, but the price was high on it.  I find it cheaper to buy new silk yardage and dye it myself.  But wool blankets are another matter.  They are still expensive for hooking, at $10 a blanket (double size).  But the texture can’t be beat in a rug.  I bring them home, wash them in the washing machine and dryer, and dye them or use ‘as is’ in my rugs.

These are the blankets I’ve either scored from friends or the thrift shop lately.  The pink one was my thrift store find for today. 🙂

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