Handling criticism is one of the situations in life an artist has to handle.  Sometimes how we take the criticism can turn if from destructive to constructive criticism.  Some people just don’t have experience critiquing people’s work.  They just know they don’t like something, and they tell you.

Today I had a friend tell me she didn’t like my ‘Seek-Create-Inspire’ rug.  Now I’ve had over eight people tell me they love this rug, so I was a little skeptical.  I’m not happy with it, but then, I’m never happy with my rugs!  I am mad I didn’t get the border just right.  But she had another take altogether – ‘Get rid of the border.’  Okaaaay…that kind of ruins the entire feeling of the rug that I was going for.  But she didn’t like the chequer thing.

I looked at the rug again.  Her thought was the chequer border takes away from the writing.  I can see her point.  It’s almost too heavy.  Brings the rug out of balance.  I’m thinking…she might have a point.

So I’m doing what I always do in this situation.  I’m sleeping on it overnight and working on another project until I can decide what to do.  I figure my options are:

  1. Remove the border (makes a boring rug),
  2. Make ‘inspire’ bright yellow, and the border squares green (less contrast in the border), and fix the border when I do that,
  3. Leave the colours ‘as is’ and fix the border,
  4. Leave well enough alone.

In the end we both agreed that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what looks good to one person, doesn’t for another.

Such is the life of an artist.  Time to sleep on it.

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