Finally had to get hubby to help put this up today.  I tried to do it myself, but our ceilings are too high and I am just too short!  These are plaster walls and we needed to use finishing nails to hang these letters in the end.  It looks good from the door of the room.  It will hopefully provide me some joy and motivate me to create.

Heard back from the lady who knew all the photographers.  Was given the names and contact information for two of them.  One, it turns out, is a neighbor!  Not only that, but he’s taken photos of my daughters before.  Hmm…I actually didn’t contact him though.  I opted for the young lady just starting her photography business.  Our neighbor is very experienced and, I suspect, more expensive than I want to pay.  He also does more outdoor photography.  The young lady is an artist and photographs artwork, so I think she’ll do a good job for my portfolio shots.

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