Okay, so I did NOT like the white in my abstract, so I pulled it all out and replaced it with dark purple.  One less colour makes this rug look much better.  Still not great, but okay.


Dyed more orange today.  Today I went more to the red orange spectrum.  I use Majic Carpet dyes at the moment.  I am hoping to switch to ProChem eventually, but we will see.  Space is a problem here, and I’m not sure I have room for more dyes, in any form.  Soon my hand will be forced though.  I’m running out of yellow dye.  I will have to make a decision.


And yesterday’s dye job, which took on a more yellowish cast than I liked…


It will still be useful, but I think it will work best with a darker orange to play off it.  Hence the red orange dye job today.

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