I love starting new projects.  I have a large Forget-Me-Not rug called “True Love” on my rug hooking frame right now.  Very similar to some of the smaller studies I have done, but with a border and writing on it.  It is my Valentine’s Day rug this year.  I have no idea what someone will do with it, or if anyone would ever buy it.  But I am having fun hooking it.  🙂

Today the snow is drifting down and we have warmed up to only -24 C with the wind chill.  That’s a relief from yesterday when we were -42 C with the wind chill included.  Still, I am inside today.  I have wool soaking on the counter for dyeing, a rug on the frame, a good book on creativity (The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp), and an iPad hubby brought home from work for me “to try”.  I think I will poke around for sketching apps…

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