I have been a little slow posting this week.  I took time yesterday and today to finish working through The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp.  I really enjoyed the book and found I could translate a lot of what she had to say to rug hooking.  She is a dancer/choreographer herself.

Twyla takes you through various reasons for creative blockages, and provides exercises at the end of each chapter designed to break you through that block and back into your creative groove.

I found it interesting my watch broke while reading her chapter about our biggest fears.  She suggested leaving watches unworn, newspapers unread, TV unwatched, in an effort to focus on our creative process.  I developed a list of several rugs to hook.  And became sidetracked in a sketchbook habit series of YouTube videos.  My sketchbook is being used every day.  I still have not fixed the watch.

So my vote is for anyone with a creative block to pick up this book and take a look.  I was a reluctant reader.  She is, after all, a dancer.  And what would a dancer know about rug hooking?  It does not matter.  It is what she knows about creativity and the creative process that matters.

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