Taking a break today.  Tomorrow I am attending a workshop and today I am preparing for it.

I have had a request to upload a video on how to finish a rug.  I need to finish “True Love” and play with taking videos with my camera before I do anything like that.  Then there’s going to have to be some splicing before uploading it!  My, so much to learn in this business.

Friends were over the other day for a Bible study.  They commented on my wonderful stash and asked if I had dyed the fabric myself.  I told them yes, most of it, and explained a bit about the dyeing process to them.

I spend about 2 hours to dye each of the transitional (6 value) swatches I show here on the blog.  I have dyed 46 formulas from Formation of New Formulae so far, and have 62 left to go.  That works out to 124 hours of dyeing left to do.  I can only do about 2 dye days a week.  And my back, shoulder and feet can only take 6 hours of dyeing a day.  So that’s 12 hours a week.  Means I should be done in 21 dye days, or 11 weeks…assuming I get my 2 dye days in a week.

I might just back down to one dye day and use the other day for rug hooking.  Sounds like a plan.  I do have all year to finish this after all.

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