It is important in any craft business to keep up with what is going on in the field, both the craft and the business side.  Sometimes that takes you into weird and wacky places.  There are limited resources locally, so I make the best of what I can find.  Today was a pricing workshop offered by the Saskatchewan Craft Council.  I discovered I need to double the price I charge for my rugs.

Last year I sold my rugs in a few craft sales with some success.  But I was selling mostly to children and a few women.  Today I was told that is not my market.  My market is a niche market at a higher price point.  Mmmm…  I was also told to be careful of the sales I went into.  That my work was more art than craft.  And that I might look at gallery sales more than craft sales.  Mmmm… I foresee a lot of changes this year in how I go about selling my rugs.


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