Working on finishing the border on “True Love”.  Had lots of company over the weekend.  Not much time for hooking.  I did finally sit down and create a schedule for myself with iCal on my MAC.  I was surprised to see how booked I was, and realized I will have to be vigilant about protecting my hooking and dyeing time.

So hubby asks me why I am doing this whole Crafts Council thing this year.  I was a bit surprised, as I thought we had discussed this before going into it.  I told him, again, that I am thinking that is where my market is.  If I do not sell at the Crafts Council sales, then I do not know what I will do.  Probably hook for the love of it and give a pile of rugs to my beautiful daughters at some point in time.

Anyone else out there selling rugs?  What is your motivation or reason for doing so?  Is it strictly financial, or a way to support your hobby?

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