Finally finished hooking this today.  I will let it sit for a bit to decide if I need to change anything before binding the edges.  I see a couple of strips that might need to be placed better, but not many.

Still organizing my stash today.  This grows more and more difficult.  I have so many little pieces of fabric.

Received my jurying notice from the Craft Council.  I did not realize I would have to travel a long distance to be juried.  I may not be able to do it.  Hubby will have to take the day off work to drive me there and back.  It is too far for me to drive alone, especially in unpredictable weather.

Spoke with the lady who prepares my fibre batts for spinning.  She will not be preparing anymore till spring now.  Alas!  I will make sure to support her big time this spring, summer and fall, so I have enough fibre to spin and turn into art yarn for my rugs.

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