A few people here and on Rug Hooking Daily have asked for this, so I am showing you a video on YouTube on how I finish a rug.  I hope it uploads okay.

First, before you start finishing a rug according to this video, place the finished piece upside down on a towel on your ironing board and spritz it with water.  Then place a damp dishtowel over top and steam the rug flat.  I try to steam till the dishtowel is dry.  Then I remove the dishtowel (the rug is still damp), do any necessary tugging to square up the rug, and leave the rug to set until dry.  THEN I do everything in this video.  And, after hemming the rug, I will press the edges again.

So, without further ado, here is the video.

Rug Finishing – Part 1

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