WIP-Lost-Soul-1 WIP-Snow-1

This past weekend I drew “SNOW” on backing, but I am not hooking it just yet.  I am not sure of the figure placement in the rug yet.  I may do something different with it. I found a couple other rugs designs on backing that I am going to hook first…or at least try.

One is called “Lost Soul” and is a political statement about the state of our nation’s schools.  It has been a controversial rug from the start.  When I first showed the design to a rug hooking teacher her response was consternation.  On the other hand, I received lots of encouragement from the people on Rug Hooking Daily, an online rug hooking community.  So, after letting this sit for well over five years, I am pulling it out and working on it.  It is a large rug for me, and so will probably take a while to finish.  It is on rug warp as well.  I have never hooked on rug warp before.  I do not know if it will take a #6 wide strip or not.  We’ll see how it goes.

Another piece I pulled out of my Treasure Trunk in the sunroom was the design for a laptop bag.  I am wanting to finish that as well, for my own personal use.

Meanwhile, there is the SNOW rug, and I want to put “Goldfish” on backing too.  Lots to do, so little time… 🙂

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