So I received a phone call from a friend about my “Lost Soul” rug.  She expressed a bit of confusion over it, not understanding where it was coming from.  She is not the first person to be, shall we say, confused by the rug.

All art needs to be viewed in context with its surrounding culture.  This rug is no different.  I urge any educators to not take the rug personally, because it was not intended to be taken that way at all.  It was designed when “Paradigm Shift” was the ‘IN’ phrase in educational circles.  And it is simply my statement about that period of time.  A comment that perhaps approaching education with a ‘drill and kill’ attitude was not appropriate anymore.  That children are more than vessels to be filled with facts.  And that appealing to more than just logical/mathematical and verbal/linguistic intelligences might yield better results for the students and society.

My friend thought this was part of the poetry series I am hooking.  It is in a way.  It is the precursor or setting for the poetry rugs.  I took a child who thought she was awful at writing (due to “all the red marks” on her writing) out of school twenty years ago, and watched her bloom as a poet and writer.

My friend thought it was a bit presumptuous of me to assume my child felt like this in school.  It would be, if it were only about my child.  But it is not.  It is about all those children who felt like square pegs being forced into a round hole when they attended school.  And there are plenty of us out there…myself included.  So I would say, if the blond-headed girl represents anyone, it is me and my school experience.

That being said, I hope you enjoy watching the progress of this rather negative rug.  But keep it in context with the other rugs I am hooking based on my daughters’ poetry.  While this is sometimes where people start or are in life, it does not mean they will always be there or need to always be there.  There is hope, and there can be change for the better. The school system has already changed in most places to meet the needs of the modern student and modern society.  There are choices now that never used to exist.

It is my hope that through the children’s poetry and other rugs in this series, the public sees and understands the child’s view of the world – their concerns, their sense of humour, and, overall, the potential each child or person has inside them, given the right environment to thrive.

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