IMG_0323Wishful thinking!  This photo is taken in Prince Edward Island along the Confederation Trail outside Montague.  Oh how I wish it was summer and I was there!  Some day I will hook this tree.  In the meantime…

I have uploaded another video to YouTube called “How to Rug Hook” .  It is very rough as it was done by myself and I wanted to try voiceover.  Please forgive the quality.  I hope it makes up for it on the technical explanations of rug hooking.

The best way to learn to rug hook is to take a class.  Having said that I recognize some people are living places where that is not possible.  I hope this video helps you.

You can hook anything, not just wool fabric strips.  You can hand cut old clothing and hook it through a backing.  Or, if the backing is fine, you can hook yarn through it.  Anything is fair game!  You can even combine them as many rug hooking artists do, including Deanne Fitzpatrick .

Check out my other videos for finishing a rug and making a hanging sleeve for a wall rug.

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