Boreal Island 006

I am having a meandering type of Monday.  Hubby is home and we did the grocery shopping this morning.  I rug hooked on “Lost Soul” while hubby went for a haircut and shoveled the walk.

I ripped up more wool to soak for dyeing this week.  I am looking forward to more grey greens.

I put “Goldfish” on backing, all ready to hook.  I may take a break from “Lost Soul” every now and then to hook on it.  I put it on primitive linen.  It will be 18″ x 24″, which is plenty big by my standards.

Started reading Design Basics for Rug Hookers by Susan Feller.  I have been putting this off because it looked like I would need to devote a fair bit of time to doing the exercises in the book. But I finally decided I would read my way through the book first, and then go back and do the exercises I feel I need to do.  So far I have not been disappointed.  The book is a bit of a review for me, as I have had art courses at university.  But I am still learning a lot about applying what I learned at university to rug hooking.  I think for most rug hookers this will be new material that will be greatly appreciated.  I hope to finish reading the book soon and will give a more in-depth review of it then.

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