Boreal Island 001

Well I had a bit of a surprise today, but hey, why not?  The dentist’s office phoned yesterday to tell me I had an appointment this afternoon. That meant I would not have time for my scheduled dye day.  I had forgotten.  I was a bit grumpy.  Even more so when I arrived.

They were half an hour late calling me in to have my teeth cleaned.  Then they wanted to switch me to a different dentist and do x-rays too.  I had nothing wrong with my teeth that a good cleaning couldn’t fix.  I was just ticked enough to decline the x-ray and the dentist.  I just had a cleaning.

Sure, I am covered by hubby’s work health plan, but you know, every now and then I just don’t see the point in wasting my time for x-rays I don’t need and appointments that are basically unnecessary.  Problem is, if you don’t make the appointment a good six months ahead of time, you don’t get to see a dentist in this town.   And six months is how often I need a cleaning.

The upshot of all that was that I made it home in time to fit in another hour of hooking on “Lost Soul”, but that was about it.  I am almost finished all the brick.  Next up will be the sky.  Here’s hoping I finish the brick tomorrow and fit in some dyeing…

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