Today I finished the brickwork in “Lost Soul”, and started in dyeing more greens.  It is slow going.

I am tutoring on the side, as a volunteer, for new Canadians.  Some people are more challenging to help than others.  The last 24 hours I have phoned a few agencies and professionals on behalf of one couple with no family nearby to help.  It definitely goes beyond tutoring, but I feel this couple has been given a pretty raw deal by people here.  The woman is so distraught she has not been able to sleep.  Her husband has health problems.  And her grown son is not in a safe place at the moment.  I was able to help settle one of the health issues with the phone calls, and discussed the other with the wife so she has a game plan to follow short-term.

While I feel good to be able to help, and want to help, it does take up a lot of my time.  So I have been struggling to fit in rug hooking this week.  I guess some weeks are just like that.  I am enjoying Design Basics for Rug Hookers in-between times.


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