Today I am spending contemplating and working on a new hanging system for my rugs. The jurors suggested it on Saturday as an archival way to hang them.  It is, unfortunately, rather inflexible for hanging groups of rugs.  Unless you like putting lots of screws in your wall, which hubby does not!  We are rethinking how we hang and display the rugs at home as a result.

The system requires a piece of finished wood, wide twill tape, and Velcro™.  Carol Russell outlines it in her book The Tapestry Handbook.  Basically one side of the Velcro™ is attached to the wood and the other side to the twill tape.  Then the twill tape is attached to the back of the rug by herringbone stitch.

I am not sure this will work as it is difficult to make small stitches in herringbone or any other kind of stitch on the back of a rug.  They are simply too thick and bulky.  And going through just the threads of the backing would put undue stress on the backing I think.  Still, I am game to try this method – modified.

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