Dye-salt-and-spoon Dye-Pot Deys

My English students phoned to cancel their tutoring session this morning.  So guess what I am doing?  Yep!  Dyeing more wool.  We are in the middle of another snowstorm here. Wind chill down to -24 C.  Not bad, but still, I am happy to have an ‘at home’ day today. 🙂



I am finishing dyeing the grey greens.  I think the final dye swatch actually looks a little grey.  I am growing suspicious of the city water on this one.  My supposed grey greens mostly turned out moss green.  Hmm…  Well, no matter what colour they are they will eventually be used.  I have yet to meet a colour I could not use somewhere.

Such a nice indoor day I might pick up some rug hooking too…Time to get the fibre out for the sky and vase in “Lost Soul”.

Green-cupboard-beforeAnd then there is my cupboard of greens to organize by value.  I wish I had organized my fibre by value from the beginning.  This is such a chore!  I spent two hours on this the other day and barely scratched the surface of the greens.  I am going for a rough organization at this point.  I need to take time for the following…

Wood-4-hangingSee this piece of oak?  It is destined to become the basis for my new hanging system.  I need to measure some rugs, cut this to length and sand it – preferably by Monday.

Decided, due to my limited time right now, to send The Creative License back to the library.  It is a great book.  I just do not have time for it right now.

The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs by Sarah Anderson arrived yesterday.  It is a great book!  Lots of photos and explanations on how to spin over 80 different types of yarn.  I can go through the book, pick the yarn I want for my rug, and spin it.  I have been spinning basic yarns and dyeing them for my rugs, but this will vastly increase my repertoire.

I am pumped for my day in my studio!  Will see what transpires in the end.

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