Yesterday’s dyeing results.  This is actually greener than it looks in the photo.  I actually like this colour a lot and can see using it in distant hills or in churning oceans.  Today I will be putting samples in my dye record binder.

hanging-system-part-1 Hanging-System-part-2

My hanging system in progress.  I will be giving the board another coat of polyurethane today.

I do think the jurors misunderstood the way I hang my rugs.  I should have figured it out when the girl helping them went by with a 1″ wood dowel.  Rug hookers never hang their rugs from wood, and certainly not a 1″ dowel!  I hang my rugs from metal curtain rods, 1/2″ in diameter, to prevent sagging from the weight of the rug.  Still, it is what it is. They told me what they expect to see and I am trying to comply.  I will work on hubby and see if we can install a long wooden board on our wall to hang rugs from later.  He is resistant to the idea of putting big holes in the wall.


I sort of managed to organize my greens by value.  I actually ran out of room in the cupboard.  I do not know how I had them all in there to begin with!  I have a stack of swatches behind me in this photo that I did not have the heart to rip apart for value sorting.  Today I am going to have to make a decision on them and store them up off the floor.

So those are my plans for today.  Hope to actually fit in a bit of rug hooking.  We will see.  I notice my hooking chair has moved and it will be iffy getting it back into position for hooking.  My back is not that great.  I do not like this getting older business one bit!

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