I have been working on “Lost Soul” the last couple of days.  Had to rip some out and re-hook it.  It is slow going, primarily because the backing is quite flexible.  I am not convinced this particular backing (rug warp) will hold its shape under the weight of the hooking.  I am going to have to strap it and reinforce it when I finish it.  It is quite a large piece for me at 30″ x 35″.

I have also been busy filling out forms for Dimensions and Jury’s Out exhibit being held by the Saskatchewan Craft Council later this spring/summer.  Dimensions is actually a year long traveling exhibit that goes to different corners of Saskatchewan promoting crafts.

I am working on the hanging system for a couple more rugs – “Star Rug” and “Polar Bear Play”.  One of them, plus “Wind”, will be sent for jurying into Dimensions.

This afternoon I plan to do some dyeing…and more sketching and hooking.  A busy and fun day!

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