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Today I’m dyeing blue greens.  Hope to finish them this week or next.  Then onto something other than green…finally!

I finished the hanging system for “Wind”.  Hubby took me downstairs and showed me the intricacies of the battery operated drill, various bits, and the sizes I needed.  I determined one of his drill bits, the one I need, badly needs to be replaced!

Did some colour planning for “Lost Soul” last evening.  Trying to keep everything somewhat tied together.  Might be more of a challenge than I think, but we’ll see.  The test will be what colour I make the books.  Haven’t decided yet.  I am leaving them for last for a reason.  They are a more versatile area of the rug when it comes to colour.

I am really enjoying Deanne Fitzpatrick’s Hooking People course right now.  I raided my art library for the anatomy and portrait books to peruse.  I went out for lunch and sketched people at the restaurant. Also snapped photos of hubby this morning so I could sketch him.  Also did some sketching of him on the couch.  He was getting a big laugh out of it.  Some of his poses were priceless.  If this is any indication, this course is going to be a blast!

Those anatomy books?

  • Drawing the Head and Figure by Jack Hamm,
  • Draw Portraits by Benedict Rubbra
  • The Fundamentals of Drawing Portraits Barrington Barber
  • Anatomy for Artists Reginald Marsh

I also put a hold on a few anatomy books from the library. 🙂


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