The results of yesterday’s dye session.  I finished all the green formulas in Formation of New Formulae.  I can see so many uses for these lovely colours.  I am enjoying the results of my dyeing and hope to use most of these in my underwater “Goldfish” rug.  Seaweed of many different colours. 🙂

But right now I am working on course material for Hooking People.  I have pulled out “Snow” and am working on it.  Hope to finish it by the end of the course.  Right now I am struggling with colour planning.  Trying to decide if I want to do a monochromatic rug.  That would so totally NOT be me!  But it would be interesting to try…

I also worked on the hanging system for “Star Rug” this morning.  All that is left is to stitch the twill tape (and Velcro™) to the rug back.  This hanging system takes a long time to prepare and put together, but it certainly looks nicer.  I do not know how well it will hang the rug though.  We will find out I guess!


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