We had a wonderful celebration Saturday with our Iranian friends.  Watched some traditional dancing and heard some singers, ate terrific food!  Had a chance to have a wonderful chat.  The guys bonded over cars.

Today I finished the hanging system for “Star Rug”.  Next up is to visit the lumber store to buy some PVC piping and end caps to ship the rugs.  Hubby came home sick this afternoon, and I am busy this evening, so it will have to be done tomorrow…if hubby stays home and I have the car.

Started hooking “SNOW”, but am having difficulties envisioning a colour scheme for it.  I originally wanted a monochromatic scheme ranging from black to white with blues and grays in-between.  But it seemed rather boring.  Someone suggested a little girl making a snowman.  So I started in with a pink parka.  Not sure how it will work, but we will see.

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