Sorry for the late post folks.  Our service provider was down.

I spent today recording the results of yesterday’s dye session.  Aren’t these lovely colours?


I am dyeing purples now.

I also finished the clothing and figure for “Ice Caker”.  Drew out a new pattern called “Mud Fight!”.  Will work on the figures in that this coming week.

Spent time pricing out supplies for the hanging system for my rugs.  Stained a length of wood for hanging rods.  I am looking for ways to cut costs and time.  This is far too time consuming for something that will never be seen, and will be hard to recoup costs on.  So I am staining full lengths and then cutting what I need as I need it and just finishing the ends before attaching the loop tape.

I am a bit concerned about how I am going to exhibit the rugs at craft sales with this awkward hanging system.  I am going to have to leave the wood backs in a bucket or basket, and use curtain hooks to attach the rugs to grid panels.  That’s all I can think of at the moment.  I will have to buy my grid panels soon too.  Missed a good sale on them this winter.

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