Spent this weekend working on another rug called “Mud Fight!”  I am struggling with this one as it is more of an action rug.  I am trying to design and start all the people rugs I have in the poetry series before the end of my Hooking People class.  As soon as I know the direction the rug is going, I’m heading to start another rug.  I have three or four on the go right now.  This is a real departure from the way I normally hook.  It drives me batty to have all these unfinished projects, but I feel as if I have not solidified the information from the course yet, and need a lot more practice.

Working my way through Deanne Fitzpatrick’s Hooking People course.  It is almost over.  I am going to miss it.  I have learned a lot from this course.  I do wish she would make a DVD of all the videos in these courses and sell them.

Printed off care instruction tags for all my rugs.  This week I’ll be attaching these to my rugs.  Need to look for a grid panel display system I can manage on my own too.

I have a busy week ahead with people, but I am going to try and fit in some dyeing anyway.  Plus I need to think about how I am going to do a hanging system for my small 6″ square rugs.  I stained the other side of the board for the hanging system.  I’m off today for a new can of polyurethane.


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