Back at the dye pot today.

  • Two sets of purple swatches squeezed in amongst other events.  🙂
  • Coated the hanging rods with the first coat of polyurethane.
  • Punched holes in the care tags and started putting crochet cotton on them to hang them from the safety pins attached to my rugs for sale.
  • Fixed “Mud Fight!”…I think.  Will have to hook a bit more to see if I really fixed it.
  • Finished writing packing instructions on my rugs for jurying into the upcoming show.  Also finished the paperwork for the show.

Busy day tomorrow, and not necessarily with rug hooking.  Have lots on my plate.  A student to tutor in the morning.  A Bible study here in the afternoon.  Plus hubby’s work schedule has changed, so he will be home tomorrow evening.  I will get up early and try to squeeze my last swatch set dye job for the week in before my student comes for tutoring.


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