WIP-Snow-5While the white fluffy stuff did not fall today from the sky…for a wonder (!)…it did fall in my rug.  I am working on the border now and feeling a lot better about the rug.  It is actually a navy blue, not a black.

I dropped my rugs off for entry into Dimensions.  We will see what happens.  Unfortunately I will not be able to make the public critique they do of the work.   It will be nice if at least one piece makes it into the show.  Whether the other does or not is somewhat immaterial.  I included the “Star Rug” as an entry because the jurors seemed to like it when I took it to be juried in as a Professional Craftsperson.  Personally, it’s not my favourite rug, but it is lively and has lots of texture.  The other rug I sent in was “Wind”.

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