I am still working on the border of “SNOW”.

It’s been a busy few days.  I am trying to do some spring cleaning this week.  One thing I am doing is sorting through CDs, ripping them onto my laptop, and donating to charity.  To date I have ripped over 350 CDs, over 200 of them this week.  It takes a while to do.  And, as I settle into my rug hooking, every five minutes bells and whistles on my laptop interrupt me, telling me it’s time to remove the old CD and put in a new one.  After ripping these CDs I will just buy music online for download.  No more buying and ripping.  Takes too much time.  I actually inherited all these.  It’s time to move them on to bless someone else.

Aside from that I have managed to get my taxes handled.  I talked to my accountant, a lovely lady, about starting a bona fide business.  She told me what to do.  I applied for my GST number today.  Will wait for it to come in the mail before applying for a PST number.   I do want everything in place and done properly this year.  I do not want to run foul of the government!  I now get to track mileage for all business related trips as well.

I decided to cut up those stained and shellacked boards for hangers.  Went up to my room and measured the backs of all the rugs to make sure I had the right size.  Managed to cut enough for all the rugs but the 6″ square ones.  Didn’t have enough wood for hangers for them.

In casting my eyes around and thinking about it, I realized we have a huge ash tree to cut down this summer.  It is too close to our foundation and affecting it.  I got thinking (this can be dangerous!) about how many wooden rug hangers it would make, and if I could get enough wood to make some nice kitchen cupboard doors…  Unfortunately, after some phoning around, I can find no one with a sawmill in town…period.  Well, I guess this being the prairies there really is no need for one! 😆  So I guess I’m stuck with more ash for firewood, and no ash hanging rods. 🙁  Seems there’s no shortage of chainsaws in town. 😆

Our small city lot had nine mature trees on it when we moved in.  What with storms and needing to remove sick and dying trees, we’re down to four, two which belong to the City and we are not allowed to touch.  We do not have fires very often, and so firewood is piling up on the property.  A good problem for most people, but in a small city lot storing it is problematic.

Well, I’ve had my break.  It’s back to “SNOW”.  The forecast is for snow this evening too.  Spring will come.  I believe. I believe.  I believe…

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