WIP-Snow-6“SNOW” is almost finished. 🙂   I have been downstairs sanding edges off backing boards to use for hanging strips.  I need to clear out some space so I can shellac the ends.  Will need some help from hubby for that.  He has a big wooden box filled with firewood on top of the table saw, which I was going to use for my purpose.

A friend made a great find for me this weekend. 🙂  She went to a huge sale for people downsizing and moving.  There she found about 22 metres (!) of 3/4″ – 1″ wide Velcro™!  All for $10!  Such a good deal, and it should keep me in Velcro™ for a good many years. 🙂  Though I admit, I realized I need about 5 metres right now.  So maybe it will only be about 4 years worth of Velcro™ there.  Whatever it is, it’s a lot more than I have now!  Gotta love friends. 🙂

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