Spent yesterday working on the hanging rods for the rest of my rugs.  Shellacked the ends of them.  They are already to have the Velcro™ attached.

Last evening I spent time educating our International student about rug hooking.  I had to explain what a rug was.   And then showed him “SNOW”, as it was the most handy.  Then I explained exhibitions to him and what I was trying to do.  I found out Dimensions travels outside the province as well as in.  I somehow missed that information.  I have been trying to find when it is going to be where, so I can let friends and relatives know where and when they can see my rug, but I cannot find the information online.

There is an international craft show coming up in South Korea that I am not going to enter in the end.  It is too short notice as the conveners want a video clip of the piece being made to be displayed with the piece.  I wanted to enter “Polar Bear Play”, but cannot because of the video requirement.  I would have to design and hook a new rug from scratch, and I have lots on the go now that I think would not be appealing to an international audience.

My rug hooking student who hooked “Josh”.  Remember the rug “Josh”?

Min-JoshWell she gave “Josh” as a gift and it was well received.  I am so happy for her.  She did a wonderful job!

Well have a nice weekend everyone!  I’m back to work at the hanging systems for my rugs. 🙂

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