My work has been accepted to showcase and sell in the Saskatchewan Craft Council boutique in Saskatoon.  I am very relieved.  I do not think I am very good at person-to-person sales.  My friend and I do sales together and are always teasing each other about who will chase away the customer first, her or I.  I will hook a few more small 6×6″ rugs, as that seems to be the size people want.

Right now I am taking a break from rug hooking.  I have been sidetracked by home renovations and renovation plans.  I am also finding a fair bit of my time is taken up with the students I tutor.  Some of them need more help than just tutoring, and that takes time.

Working on my hanging systems again.  Making these for 50+ rugs is a time-consuming endeavour!  I may have to increase my prices to include the extra time and cost involved.  Yesterday I managed to staple all the male end of the Velcro to the boards.  I also have some of the female end sewn to twill tape, ready to sew to the back of the rugs.  Next up today?  Drill holes in the boards with the male end.

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