Hanging-system-1  Hanging-system-2 There is relief today.  Yesterday hubby checked the drill and found out why I was having difficulty…it was in reverse!!! 😆  Man!  Once it was set right it worked no problem.  All holes are now drilled.  Time to do some sewing.  I have 11 or 12 Velcro strips to sew onto twill tape and then onto rugs.

Picked up more wood for wooden hangers today and started shellacking them.  Hopefully tomorrow I can cut them to size.  These are for the small rugs.  I need 16 5″ pieces to hang 16 6×6″ rugs.


I had a great Mother’s Day.  Hubby bought me flowers and we went looking at Open Houses in the neighborhood.  It’s always interesting to see what people are up to.  We are glad we bought the house we did.

PurseLook what a friend gave me!  She is a sweetheart, always giving me things.  I love the roominess of this purse.  🙂

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