It was a busy day yesterday.  I did manage to get the boards shellacked, cut, sanded, and the ends shellacked.

I also managed to get the label sewn on the lining for “SNOW”, and now have the lining pinned to the rug all ready to be sewn on.

I also managed to sew the twill tape and Velcro combo onto the back of about six rugs.

Today is a busy day.

  • I want to staple the Velcro to the small boards for the small 6×6″ rugs,
  • I want to sew the lining on “SNOW”,
  • and I want to finish sewing the twill tape/Velcro combo on the back of five larger rugs.

I may not be able to finish it all, but I am going to make a good stab at it!

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