SNOW-back“SNOW” is officially finished…except for the hanging system.

I have been a busy beaver today.  I have a stack of rugs with hanging strips sewn on them already…

Rugs-finishedAnd a stack left to go…

Rugs-to-doThese shouldn’t take too long though.  I spent today preparing the Velcro®/twill tape backing for the small rugs.  Will be sewing the backing on them tonight and tomorrow evening.

You know how some people are incredibly neat when they are doing things?  Well I am not!  Everything flies and lands where it may.  I look up, am startled to see a mess, and wonder how it got there!  😆

work-areaI cropped out the worst part of this mess!  But I see layers are starting to develop.  That is a bad sign. 🙁  I think I will take some time tonight just to clean up a bit around here.

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