Today is my paperwork day.  I’ve spent time organizing, entering costs related to my rug hooking business, and filing receipts.

I must admit I find it difficult to not do something related to rug hooking daily.  I went through the remaining rugs that need hanging systems attached and found I really only have five left to do.

I ran out of washed twill tape to attach the Velcro® to for the hanging system.  So I am washing and ironing more of that.  Then doing the usual sewing on the Velcro® and attaching to the rug.

I also found three rugs that are not original designs that need tags for the sale.

I am just going through things, tidying up loose ends, and preparing for the sale next weekend.  It is the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair, being held May 25th, from 10 AM – 5 PM on 13th Ave. between Elphinstone and Albert streets in Regina, SK.  If you are in the area, do drop by the booth and say ‘hi’!


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