We had a great time at the Street Fair on Saturday.  🙂 Both my sale partner and I sold enough to make us happy.  Some people from the Saskatchewan Craft Council dropped by and wanted to take 12 rugs for the SCC Affinity Gallery Boutique up in Saskatoon.  I let them pick and choose what they wanted.  I was not surprised they picked the Prairie Sky series.  I hope they sell well for them.

I have been selling a lot of the 6″ square rugs, and not the larger ones.  That is somewhat disappointing, but then I really like doing the small ones.   So maybe I will focus on them after the current poetry rugs I have on the go.  I spent some time last evening drawing some on linen backing.

I spent time yesterday organizing sale stuff, counting money with my friend, and debating whether to apply for the CARFAC mentorship program as a mentee.  Still not sure if I have the time.  That’s what worries me most.  I have no shortage of things I want/need to learn!  I am currently on a steep learning curve.

I tore up more wool for dyeing Formation of New Formulae.  It is the last of the wool I bought earlier in the year.  You can look forward to more dye day results this week. 🙂

Well it is back to working on “Ice Caker” and “Mud Fight!”  Have a great day everyone! 🙂

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