I love it when I go someplace and have a good experience.  To me that is one that I learn from.  I went to a CARFAC talk on how to give an artist talk not long ago.  CARFAC is the political arm for Canadian Artists.  The talk was given by Holly Fay, a well-known Saskatchewan artist.  She did an excellent job.  I certainly came away with an idea on how to structure an artist talk.

People who know me think I am pretty outgoing, but I have nothing on the lady I met at the talk!   She came and decided to sit beside me.  She rearranged the chairs, had to get another coffee cup because hers was leaking, and talked incessantly!  She was a hoot!  Her energy was contagious, and exhausting.  She was one of those people who fit the description of “their personality fills the room”.  I had to smile, albeit weakly, on my walk home thinking about it all.

I spoke with one of the CARFAC representatives about the mentorship program.  I think I will apply, but we will see.  I just am not sure what kind of project to do and where to carve out the time for it.  I have so much to learn!

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