Dye-Day-27ADye-Day-27BI have my GOLD!  Drying on the rack and soon to be ready to hook into “Ice Caker”. 🙂

Spent time today dyeing more from Formation of New Formulae.

Dye-Day-26BAnd these are the purples from yesterday’s time in the kitchen dyeing! Love ’em.

Spent time this afternoon thinking about my rug hooking and how to proceed with my career/business.  I am visual journaling my way through The Creative Entrepreneur by Lisa Sonora Beam.  I read this book a long time ago and loved it.  Finally bought it last year and it has taken this long to get down to doing some work in it.

Creative-EntrepreneurManaged to hook more in “Ice Caker”, but no photo yet.  I want to hook some of my new fiber in and see how it looks before I go any further.  I may be doing considerable “reverse” hooking (as in…pulling it out!).

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