Dye-Day-27CI am having a blast!  I recorded my dye session from yesterday…more lovely golds for “Ice Caker”.  🙂

I stopped by a local yarn shop to see if anyone there would be able to blend a batt for spinning art yarn for me.  It’s a tentative ‘go’.  I will have to take in samples and maybe even dye some of the wool and provide the Angelina.  But no problem.  I will toss it into the dye pot when I dye my other fibre for hooking. 🙂

I am still visual journaling my business plan using The Creative Entrepreneur.  For me it is a great way to do it.  I can see things quickly…avenues I have not explored before.  Options I have not taken and maybe should look at more closely.  It also forces me to simplify my plans and focus on the one thing that needs to be done right now.

Looking forward to a busy weekend not rug hooking, unfortunately.  But I will be back at it in the evenings I hope.  I need to pull a few loops every day to get my fix. 🙂

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