I went through my schedule and decided what I can do to free up time for the CARFAC Mentorship Program.  Found enough time in the week.  I just have to be vigilant about people distracting me and taking away from that time.  I spoke with my doctor today and she gave me a lecture about creating balance in my life and making sure I had enough sleep and down time!  And then told me to make my own decision.

I figure if I cut back on tutoring a bit…not a lot…but limit my students to 1 – 1.5 hours per day, then I will find time to do what needs to be done.  I will also need to adjust the timing of the weekly visit of a friend.  Already talked to her about that last week, so she is prepared for the change if I need to make it.  I may not be accepted into the program, but if I am it is good to have a plan.

Mailed in my entry form and fees to the Craft Council for Wintergreen this year.  Now to hook inventory to sell!

Checked out a local shop that sells crafts.  It’s a beautiful little shop.  Little is the operative word.  I do not think the owner could cram another item on her shelves.  I also noticed nothing hanging on the walls.  I am wondering why.  If she has a problem with that then it is not the place to sell my wall hangings.  Will think about it while I build up inventory, and then speak to someone I know who sells their work there about the situation.

Had a pleasant package arrive in the mail from one of my suppliers yesterday.  Some yarn, dupioni silk, and dyeing supplies.  Happy me! 🙂

Boarder is back in the house!  Seems like she never left. 🙂

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