Ice-Caker-CSorry no post yesterday.  Today’s will have to do for two days. 🙂  Yesterday was a busy day.   I went to lunch with a group of church ladies before heading to the MacKenzie Art Gallery to look around.  They all wanted to see my rug and ask about it.  In the end they spent a good couple of hours wandering the galleries.  I did squeeze in a bit of hooking on “Ice Caker”.

Art-Yarn-3 Art-Yarn-4My ocean yarn finished drying.  I am not happy with it.  Not sure it is going to work.  There does not seem to be enough variation in colour and texture at frequent enough intervals for me.  I shall have to try it and see.

Today is my dyeing day.  I am finishing off oranges and tans.  I started the section when I started dyeing for the goldfish rug I have yet to start hooking.  I have five formulas to dye to finish it.  I will hopefully make it through three or four this week.

Hope everyone is having a productive and happy day. 🙂

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